Washable Face Masks


Washable reusable face masks.  Bamboo material is anti-microbial to protect against germs.  4 pack includes 2 womens size and 2 mens size masks.


Washable Face Masks for your Family

Protect yourself and others around you from COVID19.  It is good to have a couple washable masks around as the house quarantine is relaxed and more people are going out in public.  You can keep one in your car for heading into the grocery store.  Proceeds going to CEAP to help revive the local community and give back to those in need.


Bamboo material naturally resists germs 60% more than cotton. It is less porous than cotton to collect less germs.


The bamboo material composition naturally helps elevate reactions caused by allergies.


Wash in cold water. Air dry or dry on low heat. (Warm water and high heat constrain the bamboo fibers. No need for fabric softener either as bamboo is naturally soft.) Super easy!


No irrigation required for this plan. It is an extremely fast growing plant and takes up minimal land footprint. Because of this, it yields a high per acre output and is a low-impact plant to harvest.