Swaddle Wrap and Square Swaddle Blankets – 3 Pack

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Bamboo Square and Cotton Velcro Swaddle Blankets

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Swaddle Blankets

These soft bamboo swaddle blankets will create a soothing experience for your little one. Two 47 inch square swaddle blankets and 1 self-adhering swaddle wrap to match your baby’s changing needs. Great for soothing them to sleep wrapped up or laying the blankets flat for tummy time as they get older. It can fill in as a burp cloth, used for stroller time, and also toddler nap time as they grow up. Natural hypo-allergenic bamboo materials provide a breathable and anti-microbial product to comfort your little one.


Extra soft bamboo blanket for your little loved one’s precious skin. They’ll want to keep sleeping with it as they get older from the comfort of its softness.


Anti- microbial and resists order retention as your little one has accidents. Hypo-allergenic from bamboo material composition. No harsh chemicals -not bleached.


Allows your child a soothing night’s sleep. Made of bamboo viscose naturally allowing the blanket to be highly breathable. Insulates to control warmth and cools in the summer creating a comfortable night’s sleep for your new baby.


Wash in cold water. Air dry or dry on low heat. (Warm water and high heat constrain the bamboo fibers. No need for fabric softener either as bamboo is naturally soft.)


Made from the highest quality products possible. Swaddle blankets are extremely soft and easy to care for.


No irrigation required for this plan. It is an extremely fast growing plant and takes up minimal land footprint. Because of this, it yields a high per acre output and is a low-impact plant to harvest.