Our Bamboo products are made with natural bamboo to make sure they have an extra special softness that will feel incredible on your baby's skin. Bamboo creates a hypo-allergenic material for your baby to avoid introducing any harsh chemicals on their skin. Because it is naturally anti-microbial, it is perfect for your baby and incredible at resisting odor retention. In fact, it's a fabric that only gets softer with washing. 

We want to make your life as easy as possible, and our products are machine washable so that you can spend every last second enjoying your baby. Dry at low heat. Spend the most time you can snuggling with your little one using these ultra soft blankets and practicing tummy time with the changing pads. 


  • ULTRA SOFT BAMBOO - Your baby will be comfortable feel cared for with our products. Great snuggle time solution! Enjoy time with your little one.
  • NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC - Take the blankets or changing pads anywhere to be used in public to help avoid germs on your little one. It deflects from the surface of the material.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT - You won't have to worry about those potty accidents or leaky bottles. Bamboo is one of the most absorbent textiles available.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATING - Bamboo viscose naturally helps your baby sleep comfortably. The thermal conductivity with bamboo material regulates their temperature keeping them warmer when needed and cools them down when needed. Really neat concept and all natural!
  • GERM RESISTANT - Resists 60% more germ buildup than porous cotton material and has an FTC government test to prove it.
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATION - Waterproof products are certified through Consumer Product Safety Commission testing to show our quality expectations to protect your little one.

Natural Performance

Naturally anti-microbial * Resists odor retention High breathability * Natrually Hypo-allergenic Amazingly soft

Ecological Bamboo

No irrigation required * Fast growing plant *Minimal land footprint * High per acre yield Low-impact harvesting


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Mattress Pad
DESIGN – Deep 9” mattress pockets for a snug fit continuing after multiple washes.
WATERPROOF – There is are two layers under the bamboo material making it leak-proof.


This ultra soft bamboo blanket will create a soothing experience for your little one. Great for baby tummy time, toddler nap time, and in the stroller on a cooler day. Natural hyper-allergenic bamboo materials provide a breathable and anti-microbial product to eliminate your worries to for optimizing your little one's comfort.
ULTRA SOFT – This plush bamboo blanket is extra soft for your little loved one’s precious skin. They’ll want to keep sleeping with it as they get older from the comfort of its softness.
NATURAL –Anti- microbial and resists order retention as your little one has accidents. Hyper-allogenic from bamboo material composition. No harsh chemicals -not bleached.
BREATHABLE/TEMPATURE REGULATING – Allows your child a soothing night’s sleep. Made of bamboo allowing the blanket to be highly breathable. Insulates to control warmth and pulling away dampness from sweating creating a comfortable night’s sleep for your new baby.
WASH/DRY – Wash in cold water. Air dry or dry on low heat. (Warm water and high heat constrain the bamboo fibers. No need for fabric softener either as bamboo is naturally soft.)