Bamboo vs. Cotton: Why Choose Bamboo Fabric?

Why choose bamboo fabric over cotton?

  • Bamboo doesn’t cause soil damage when harvested, and replanting is unnecessary thanks to its self-replenishing growth cycle. Bamboo will resprout from cutting at the soil erosion
  • Growing bamboo doesn’t require herbicides or pesticides, just natural rainfall! Even more, it uses half the amount of water trees do!natural rainfall
  • Bamboo grows very densely, resulting in less land use, and it is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants!bamboo growth
  • Cotton grows 70% more bacteria than bamboo. This bacteria can be harmful to your baby and damaging to the fabric. A Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences study found that bamboo fabric deterred bacteria colonies from growing. Even more, the bamboo fabric eliminated around 75% of bacteria already present, while cotton eliminated 0%.fights bacteria
  • Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, bamboo fabric needs less washing! You can take our bamboo products out in public or throw changing pads into your diaper bag with less concern for spreading germs.less washing

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