He/She is HERE!

The Moment is Now

The waiting is over.  You are holding a bundle with a little face that you can’t resist touching ever so gently.  You’ve entered the world of new parents.  Now you have a period of time to float in this cloud of wonder that is unique to parenthood.  In this moment, you realize that your parents experienced this when you were born. You love your parents, but now you discover as you become new parents that the love of a child for their parent pales in comparison to the love of a parent for their child.


Transitions for New Parents

You thought you had known love, but… Wow!  Never anything like this.  Hold onto that thought, how very much your parents love you, because now your relationship with them is also changing.

Some of those changes are going to pop up without warning in the oddest of places.  When your mother is telling you for the umpteenth time that she’s sure the baby is dressed too warmly, not dressed warmly enough, or any one of a million possible pieces of unsolicited advice that may anger you, remember that moment when you fell in love with this child.  These comments are coming from the person that experienced that profound love when she first held you in her arms.  She still sees you as her six-year-old playing with dolls. She wants to help you like she did when you were the child, even though you are now a new parent yourself.

This might be a good time to explain to her the advantages of the bamboo blankets, mattress pad and changing pad cover that you found on the Natural Snuggles website.  It is likely that she doesn’t know that the blanket made from bamboo is naturally very breathable and moisture-absorbent, so new parents don’t have to worry as much about the baby’s comfort.  As a bonus, the bamboo has an anti-microbial effect to resist the growth of bacteria and will stay fresh-smelling longer.  Bamboo sheets and blankets were probably not available to her when you were born. Ease her mind by pointing out the benefits of bamboo fibers for your baby.


Be Patient

Be patient – those things that sound so much like criticisms are your mother trying to navigate the change from Mom to Grandma.  You are all in new territory, and conflicting opinions are bound to occur.  Trust in the love that was demonstrated when you held your brand new baby.  You are all interested in the same thing, keeping this new little one happy, healthy and strong.  There are many ways to achieve the same goal.  Love your little one, do what seems best for them, and they will grow up just fine.