Ideal Baby Picture Pose Suggestions for your Newborn

Here are a few easy props and arrangements to use for your little one’s first pictures. Easy baby picture pose suggestions.

  1. Wicker laundry basket
    • Put a small pillow on the bottom and a soft bamboo blanket on top.
  2. Close-ups of baby feet
    • Holding them with mom and dad’s hands cradling the feet- wedding ring showing
  3. A decorative basket from around the house
    • Use a scarf or fluffy thick yarn in the bottom to compliment the colors you have on your baby.
  4. A long-hair fluffy rug
    • Like a white 3 inch long-haired rug from in front of a fireplace
  5. A large bowl like one used for a salad or the old-fashioned wash bins in homes
    • Use a blanket or small fluffy toss pillow underneath.
  6. Snuggling with a sibling
    • on the floor
    • top-down picture
    • laying in opposite directions
  7. Large stuffed animal (like a bear)
    • Propping your baby in its arms
    • Snuggling
  8. Christmas decorative wreath (not evergreen wreath)
    • Laying a blanket inside for your baby to lay on
  9. Decorative crate
    • Lay blanket inside for the baby’s comfort and matching colors or turn it upside down and put your baby on top of it on its tummy with knees propped up
  10. Bassinet or wood doll crib
    • Swaddling your baby first
  11. Baseball glove (for those sports fans)
    • Putting your little one inside of the glove
  12. Outdoor picture
    • Holding your baby with warm blanket draping over
    • Parents facing each other

Try these baby picture pose suggestions at home or with a professional.  Here are some pictures to browse through with these ideas and more.

These are all Angela LaRabbitt’s pictures.  She is a great professional photographer to work with if you are looking someone in the Minneapolis area.