Ultimate New Baby and Nursery Checklist

Nursery Checklist

(to prep before your new baby comes)

-Crib – always lay babies asleep flat on their back

-Baby Monitor

-Firm mattress – It should fit snugly in the crib, so less than 2 fingers should fit between the mattress and the crib.

-Washable crib mattress pads (1-3) (Natural Snuggles bamboo waterproof crib pad)

– Fitted crib sheets (2-4) – Love the zip off tops, so you don’t have to take out the full mattress.

-Light receiving blankets (2)

-Swaddle blankets (Natural Snuggles offers a 3 pack with 2 47 inch square blankets and 1 self-adhering swaddle wrap)

– Warmer blankets (1-2) (Natural Snuggles 100% bamboo ultra soft baby blankets – light blue, light green, and purple)

-Rocking chair – especially one with comfortable arm-rests for assisting with nursing positions for you and your new baby

– Diaper changing table and pad – (Natural Snuggles bamboo waterproof 3 pack) – We suggest to consolidate the changing table and dresser in order to save on space and money.

– Diaper storage station or tightly sealed garbage

– Music playing station for calming your new baby

– Night lights or lamp for low light, so you can see while changing a diaper in the middle of the night

Hospital Checklist

– Going home outfit for yourself. You’ll want loose comfortable clothes; it’s best to bring some of your maternity pants. It will take a couple of months for your tummy to go down. Also, in case of a c-section, you’ll want something that is loose fitting around your waist.

– Birthing Plan (if you chose to do one)

– Nursing bras (two or three)

– Breast pads for your bras

– Maternity pads or thick night maxi pads (3 or 4)

– Nightshirt – try one that opens in the front or can be used easily for nursing your new baby

– Toiletries

-Arnica cream – People have commented that this helps with bruising and the healing process.

-Eye mask and earplugs to help you sleep in the hospital